Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7/3 Suggested Lineup for Fantasy Feud

Hit on my SFL picks last night, finishing 3rd out of 96 to place in the $. Switching gears for today. Posting my strategy for FF leagues. Enjoy!

C- Matt Wieters ($53,456). Struggling against lefties this year, but posted an OPS above .900 against LHP in 2011/2012. It's not like he suddenly forgot how to hit them completely. Playing in US Cellular against Hector Santiago, a guy with control problems. If he hangs one right over the plate, Wieters can take it deep.

1B- Prince Fielder ($83,408). Struggling vs RHP this year, but never posted an OPS below .975 the previous 3 seasons. Rogers Centre is a great place to hit, Josh Johnson is struggling, and he’s 5-12 against JJ with no strikeouts.

2B- Brandon Phillips ($72,592). Has hit lefties well his entire career. Playing at home in the bandbox that is the Great American Ballpark, Zito is god awful on the road (seriously have you seen his splits from '10'-'13?), and he's 8-19 against Barry with no strikeouts.

3B- Pablo Sandoval ($47,216). Kung Fu Panda is in a huge funk. At this discounted price though you have to like his chances of breaking out of his cold spell. Still hitting .314 on the season against LHP and Cingrani throws the FB 80% of the time. One well timed jump on a fastball could be in store.

SS- Jose Reyes ($73,424). It's not so much that I love the matchup against Scherzer, but SS is shallow and I can afford it. On a 5 game hitting streak and hasn't attempted a SB during that stretch. If he gets on base look for him to run, and Arencibia (.214 caught stealing %) isn't likely to throw him out.

OF 1- Andrew McCutchen ($82,160). Eats LHP for breakfast. Lannan doesn't scare me, and he' s 7-16 off him with 4 XBH.

OF 2- Carlos Gonzalez ($77,168). Coors Field, 5-12 against a diminishing Greinke with 3 XBH, he's Carlos F'n Gonzalez.

OF 3- Matt Joyce ($49,920). The ultimate platoon player facing a RHP, an absolute steal at this price. Norris isn't very good.

UTIL 1- David Ortiz ($96,096). Home at Fenway, absolutely crushes RHP, Volquez is even more terrible than normal away from PETCO.

UTIL 2- Joey Votto ($75,920). Playing at home and sporting an .884 OPS vs LHP this year. Only 3-18 against Zito, but he’s constantly making contact with only 2 strikeouts. 

P 1- Jon Lester ($74,400). Facing a watered down Padres squad without Gyorko and Cabrera. I think Volquez gets lit up, Lester is solid if not great, and picks up the W.

P 2- Mike Minor ($113,920). Minor has been great and the Marlins haven't. Easy math here.

P 3- CC Sabathia ($98,080). Pitching in the spacious Target Field, Willingham just hit the DL, and their 2 biggest bats in Mauer/Morneau combine for an OPS under .500 in 78 AB against him.

Total Salary- $997,760
Over/Under ($1M)- $2,240
Remaining $/Player- $0

Plan B- Weather looks like it could be nasty for the MIA-ATL game, would hate to get rained out. Plan B is one of Cingrani/Garza/Miller to replace Minor, followed by a lineup adjustment at either Catcher/3B/OF. Selections dependent on MLB lineups being posted.

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